I,m in the dark, let the light glow !

My name is Marilyn Wheeler; I was born in a small town of San Luis Obispo.

Here the nature has unfurled its beauty. My educational institution, my environment and above all my teachers have taught me to see my environment and nature in different ways. My blog is a reflection of that. Keeping peace in our surrounding, the spreading of scientific knowledge in life and how it reflects on our lives were the subjects that I studied.

Our mission is to aware and inform people about our thinking of life and its various aspects. To publish the useful, exciting, and beautiful write-ups about self, the beauty of nature, science, arts, culture, music, sports, pets, and various product of daily use through the purchasing process and ultimately choose the best products for them and our goal is to make people’s life beautiful.

A question may naturally arise why I am opening this site.

The human mind is really astonishing. It does not remain still. Thousands of questions peep in our mind every second. At the present moment we have no end to our needs, contrastingly we have no end to know the answers of various questions that hit us like a nail all the time.

I try to write about the various questions that arise within us all the time and frame them in this blog. You can say this a kind of passion for me where I search for the answers to such questions and present them in writings through this site.

“Here I have tried to put in front of my readers the basic questions that have been bothering humans since time immemorial, such as who am I? From where have I come? I have also brought to consideration the worldly favors which we aspire for, such as, whether this product will be good for me? Do I really need it or not? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Those could be things of our daily use or dainty showpieces. We are not going to put up a review of things. It is solely your choice. We only want to say whether you need it or not. Does it give you any benefit or not? We are in fact going to inform you about those things only. I have also tried to present some sought-after famous books from which we try to find some of the answers to the questions that haunt us most of the time .”

I hope by now you might have got a glimpse of why I have started this site. Let us get-go round the site so that you may ask me any question you like. Naturally, I am a social being like all others, but I shall hope to answer your queries to the best of my ability.

Guest posts are entertained. I might give you an article of your choice for publishing in your site. You are also welcome to subscribe your writings in our blog.

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For contacting me, you are free to mail at askedyourself@gmail.com or social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.