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Funny Question To Ask A Guy

Funny Question To Ask A Guy

Humor is an excellent way to set up a connection with someone - from a guy you're seeing to a friend or an employer. Thus, searching for a Funny Question to Ask a Guy is one of the best ways to bond, just let go and have fun.

Furthermore, being funny comes easily to some people and it is not so easy for others. And everyone has a diverse sense of humor. Some people tend to be quite silly, others are raw, with a poor sense of humor.

Some as well have a perverted sense of humor, amongst other traits! Also, you don't have to struggle in order to be funny. Sometimes, simply asking the right questions can result in some bellyache laughs.

To aid you to connect with a guy, or someone, using a little laugh, we've created a list of the best random funny questions to ask a guy. These 10 funny questions to ask a guy have been separated into different categories, and are as well quite universal, but you should also use your judgment and adjust as needed based on your relationship and the person's sense of humor.

A. Questions To Get To Know A Guy

1. Imagine that I give you a pet unicorn, what would you call it?

2. If any animal could be your pet, which one would you choose?

3. What animal would you become if I wanted to adopt a pet?

4. What kind of animal would you like me to be?

5. What flavor of ice cream would you prepare yourself?

6. If you were a famous actor, what would you call yourself/ What kind of movies would you do?

7. If you could only eat one type of food, what would it be?

8. What celebrity you were in love with as a teenager?

9. Who were you madly in love with during your adolescence?

10. Are you still watching children's movies? Which?

B. Funny Questions To Ask A Guy Friend

It is paramount that you keep the spark in your relationship so that love does not diminish. The following are some funny questions to ask your guy friend will help you.

11. What is the movie that you paid for and did it disappoint your high expectations?

12. What are the three actors that you would like to be like?

13. When was the last time you peed in the pool?

14. How often do you urinate in the shower?

15. If your mother gives you a fluffy rabbit, what would you call it?

16. If a rabbit were your best pet, what superpower would you like it to have?

17. Imagine that you are a cartoon character, what would you be?

18. If happiness were to become a hologram or flat drawing, which one would you choose?

19. If everything were healthy, what would you add to your hamburger?

20. You arrive at a dollar store where there is everything and you only have 5 dollars, what would you buy?

C. Funny Weird Questions To Ask A Guy

21. Name three things that you would like to look at and touch today?

22. They are going to repossess your whole house but you can keep three things, which would you choose?

23. When you were a child, what did you think it was like to be your current age?

24. What is the most delicious thing you saw but when eating it was really ugly?

25. What do you love to do or eat but what other people think is disgusting?

26. What is the most toxic thing you have put in your mouth?

27. If I say "sexy" what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

28. Do you think your life has a secret ingredient?

29. Imagine that you are a magician capable of everything, what kind of magic would you do?

30. How would you complete the following warning to your best friend: Be careful, it's a…?

D. Interesting funny questions to ask a guy

31. Imagine that you are invisible for a day, what would you do?

32. What do you think is your best organ? Why?

33. As a child, what was your dream when you were an adult?

34. Have you ever had a fantasy as if you were a woman?

35. Have you ever tried on a feminine garment?

36. Have you been curious about walking in heels?

37. Did you ever wear your mother's or sister's makeup?

38. Have you ever slipped on the soap in the bathroom?

39. What is the most embarrassing thing that you have been caught doing?

40. If you wanted to choose your middle name, what would it be?

Interesting funny questions to ask a guy
Interesting funny questions to ask a guy

E. Funny Random Questions To Get To Know Someone

41. When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?

42. What is the funniest dream you can remember?

43. You still remember your worst nightmare, how was it?

44. If your girlfriend asks you to make an animal sound, which would it be?

45. What food do you love but know that it is not good food?

46. On your next birthday, what would you like to eat?

47. What is your greatest pleasure but it also makes you feel guilty?

48. Do you still remember a nickname from your childhood that you didn't like?

49. What was your favorite game as a child?

50. What cartoon character do you like to see over and over again?

F. Funny Questions To Get To Know Someone

51. What movie do you think is most related to your life?

52. Do you still remember your favorite movie as a child?

53. What was your favorite children's book?

54. What was your funniest pet called when you were a child?

55. What do you think is your greatest skill?

56. When you go out with your dog, do you talk to other people or do you play with your dog?

57. Where was the worst place where you couldn't help farting?

58. Are you a fan of taking selfies several times a day?

59. What do you do with the selfies that you like, do you save or post on Facebook?

60. When you look in the mirror, do you say something to yourself? Do you wink or make a gesture?

G. Questions To Ask A Guy To Get To Know Him

61. What do you talk about the most when you look in the mirror?

62. Have you ever been asked to leave a public place?

63. If you were part of a motorcycle gang, what nickname would you have?

64. What do you think is your worst habit and so far, you cannot do anything to remedy it?

65. Imagine a zombie apocalypse, what would you do to survive?

66. If you could choose any weapon, which one would you choose in a zombie apocalypse?

67. What skill would you like to have to survive a zombie apocalypse?

68. If you could be the most powerful superhero, which would you be?

69. What part of your body do you like the most? Do you do something to improve it?

70. If you could add one more part to your body, what would it be?

H. Funny Questions To Get To Know Someone Better

71. For you, what is the most important thing, having a happy family or living alone but being very intelligent?

72. What animal do you think best suits your way of being and personality?

73. Have you ever had a fantasy or kissed a boy?

74. How many times have you called just to make a joke?

75. Have you ever joked with someone who called you by mistake?

76. What do you think was your dumbest idea, and what do you think was the smartest?

77. When you go shopping on your own, do you make a list or do you buy what is presented?

78. What are the three things you consume the most each week?

79. Which word reminds you the most of something humorous from the past?

80. What makes you laugh the most about yourself?

I. Good Funny Questions To Ask A Guy

81. What has to happen to make you feel funny?

82. If you could be reborn only as a vampire or a zombie, which would you choose?

83. Have you ever tried to play target shooting while urinating?

84. Do you like online dating sites, how many have you tried?

85. If you go fishing for fun, do you leave the fish free or take them to eat?

86. Do you scream when you get on rides like the roller coaster?

87. What is the movie that has scared you the most?

88. Do you wet your toothbrush before or after putting toothpaste on it?

89. Were you in a very uncomfortable romantic relationship in the past?

90. What is your favorite Disney movie?

J. Best Funny Questions To Ask A Guy

91. What do you prefer as punishment, a cake on your face, or ice water on your head?

92. If you were put in charge of a warship, which one would you like, a submarine, or a super tank?

93. If your girlfriend were a motorcyclist, would you ride in the back?

94. Have you ever liked the shape of a cloud that you took pictures of?

95. Imagine that you can draw anything you imagine, what would you draw?

96. Would you like to look for a big puddle and splash around for a while?

97. Imagine that any celebrity wants to go out with you, who would you choose?

98. What would you dip in a cup of chocolate to eat it?

99. Have you ever been secretly jealous of a friend?

100. If you could have a few drinks with a historical figure in the world, who would it be?

K. Funny Get To Know You Questions For Students

101. What would you like your parents to teach you from an early age?

102. What is that particular area of life where you never seem to learn your lesson?

103. What is that thing you can never have enough of (besides money!)?

104. What's the scariest thing anyone has ever said to you?

105. What is a smart answer to "what's going on?"

106. Have you got any fast food horror stories?

107. What has been the most ridiculous thing you ever did when you were drunk?

108. Have you ever sent an email or text to the wrong person?

109. Have you ever waved at someone on the street while thinking it was someone else?

110. Have you ever thought that something that happened in a dream happened in real life?

Questions To Ask A Guy To Get To Know Him

Quick Tips On Funny Question To Ask A Guy

Knowing the right questions to ask is part of the equation, but it is also important to understand how humor works. The following tips would help you greatly in this regard:

Be honest about your mood, don't pretend to find things interesting when you don't.

Don't force anything, it's just weird, like a comic book trying desperately to get laughs from the audience, for example.

Be confident - it's not what you say, it's the way you say it that makes an impact.

Don't interrupt when your companion is telling a funny story - interjecting and messing with someone's flow is bad and can be very annoying

Don't judge what your companion thinks is funny - we all have different senses of humor, just agree with that. You may joke about the fact that you don't understand the humor, but do it in a fun way, don't be mean or judgmental.

In conclusion, humor is a fun way to bond and learn about someone. Thus, you can make use of these funny questions to ask people to get to know them highlighted above. Furthermore, if you desire to harness some really funny questions to ask a guy, these highlighted above are open enough to spark a good conversation.

Some of these fun questions may have short, funny answers. On the other hand, some may result in funny answers to the meaning of life but in all, the overall aim is to spark up a conversation that would lead you both to reflect positively on life.

Ask Yourself Questions to Get to Know Your Partner

Ask Yourself Questions to Get to Know Your Partner

Do you know your partner? Can you say it confidently that you know about all his/her likes, dislikes, regrets, passion, dreams, desires, fantasies? If not, you should definitely read this amazing piece of art which will let you know about some questions to get to know your partner.

Have you ever thought that “your first meeting with your partner” plays a very important role in knowing your partner? If you have met him/her on digital platforms and he was very frank from the first day of your conversation, maybe there are chances that he/she will be more open to some other people in the future. Stop! Stop! Don’t doubt your relation I have just given a possibility. I am here with relationship questions to know your partner better.

Let’s begin with a short story-

Some stories are like fairy tales; let me take you through one such story. This is a story of a couple whose first meeting finally happened on the last day of the inter-college fest while the girl stared at the boy throughout the fest. Sadly, they met for hardly an hour as the girl has to catch the train to go back to her city. You know what even that one hour was enough to feel the magical feeling of “Love”. Days passed, they were in different cities but love, affection, and emotions were constantly brewing between them. Exactly after two months, the boy visited the girl in her city and they know their connection, the bond is not ending soon. Today, they are married and living together under one roof in the same city.

“Communication will bring understanding and understanding will cause harmonious mutual relationships which can establish peace and stability”  -Lobsang Tenzin

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Communication is very important to create a relationship of love, understanding, intact, caring, and compassion. I have read in a book “Fault in our stars”, good communication can always solve big issues. The protagonists of the novel were stopping themselves to love each other to do the communication. They thought they can’t love anyone because they are suffering from a chronic disease but communication solved the issue and they become the support of each other to fight their tough journey.

Diving into the sea of questions to know your partner better, actually, I have divided the set of questions into four different categories to make you understand it better. So categories are as follows:-

  • Questions from Past
  • Questions from Relationship
  • Questions from Life
  • Questions from Future

I will start from “Questions from Past

Questions from Life

Q.Is there anything you consider unforgivable?

You know some people are rigid in behavior and you are so unfortunate if your partner is one of the kind. You can figure out this by asking him/her this question.

Q. Do you usually follow your head or heart while making a decision?

This is one of the smart questions to know the inner soul of your partner. A person who makes a question from the heart usually came out as a more caring partner while it’s otherwise in the case of the brain.

Questions from your previous relationships

Q. What is the reason for the breakup with your ex?

In most of the cases, reason just says it all, how well or smooth your relationship is going to be. There are exceptions too; so, It is suggested that you don’t judge him /her completely as a person by just asking about their breakup.

Q. How many relationships she or he had in the past?

Numbers are important in every concept and it works well here too. It tells about his/her commitment, behavior, concerns, retaliations, and future actions. Though there is always the probability of variations.

Questions from Future

Q.How will you maintain a balance between work and family balance in the future?

If you don’t want to spend a boring life and enjoy your future being with the person whom you married, you should know this. Otherwise, some people spend their whole life in their drawing rooms waiting for their partners to come back home from work.

Q.Do you see us together in the future?

You can say this is another way of asking for a commitment. This is the last question on my list but the most important one; you just have to wait for the right time to shoot this question at your partner.

Life needs a partner and Why not do some planning to choose the right partner. Trust me, planning can make a difference not even here but everywhere. You can notice I have mentioned more number of questions in the “past” category because predicting the future is tough; so, it will be better if you keep your focus most on your partner’s past. This is the best way to know him/her even before something unexpected happens. Knowing all this will also evolve a sense of mutual understanding, care, compassion, and love for each other.

Deep Question About Life: Have a Look at The Best Available

Deep Question About Life

Asking deep questions about life is a great exercise, as the quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

Basically, all the teachings, ideas, recommendations, techniques, tactics, and strategies that you could need to achieve success in life have always been within you. You also have in your mental programming, the solution to all your problems. Within you lie the keys to living an infinitely happy, successful, abundant, and prosperous life as well.

Why ask deep questions about life?

Well, it is important that from time to time, you get out of your routine and that you stop living your life on autopilot so that you analyze yourself from external perspectives. This gives you total power to shape yourself to your liking, and enhance certain aspects of yourself.

So, without further ado, below are some deep questions to ask yourself. It would be great if you calmly ponder on each one, and internalize them. It is your job; no one else should know your answers, and make sure you have peace and calm as you complete your self-analysis. Come along!

deep questions to ask yourself

1. What is most important to me in life right now?

This stands as a deep question to ask about life. Reflect on what motivates you to wake up every day and face the heavy bars of life with courage.

2. What are my short and medium-term goals?

We all have goals in life, be they more or less ambitious, but we all have! Reflect clearly on your medium and short term goals.

3. What do I most enjoy doing for fun?

What activity arouses your pleasure, joy, and relaxation at the same time? List the things you most enjoy doing and try to do at least one of these activities throughout the day.

4. What am I most ashamed of?

Clarify your modesty and, consequently, you will be able to better understand your moral position in the society in which you live.

5. What worries me most about life right now?

Your worst nightmares and current fears ...

6. If I had a wish to fulfill, what would it be?

This consists of your deepest and most fanciful will ...

7. What do I do that makes me satisfied with myself?

Unlike item number 3, this is related to something that you usually do exceptionally, and that always gives you satisfaction when you finish, even if it is not essentially fun or related to entertainment.

8. If I had one month left, how would I live it?

This comes as a  deep question about life. We waste a lot of time on social media, and in front of our phone or television. Ask yourself what you would do if you only had one month left.

You would probably use it to enjoy each of the people you love, the places you like, and every detail that makes you happy. Why not start today?

9. What do I like most about my job? And what do I hate most?

Balance your job satisfaction. Do your skills and vocations go against the job you currently perform?

10. What is my happiest memory?

Nostalgic moment. Turn over the chest of memories and rescue the happiest memories you have. Are they related to a specific place or someone?

11. What is my favorite book? My film, food, band, animal, color ...?

It may seem very superficial, but to help you better understand your tastes, create a list of all your favorite things, like your movie, food, music, etc.

12. What is my achievement that I am most proud of?

Something you have done and are very proud of. What is your “brand” in this world?

13. When I'm feeling sad, what do I like to do?

We all follow a “ritual” when we are in the most depressing moments… Be it listening to a melancholic playlist, sleeping, watching movies with no happy ending… Anyway, there are several attitudes that “personify” our state of mind. What are yours?

14. What am I grateful for?

This is a question that can be answered in 2 seconds or two weeks of reflection. Think about the most fortunate events in your life, where the only thing you could do was to thank them.

15. What are my strengths and weaknesses?

List all your qualities and defects. Do this gradually, and as sincerely as possible. Experts also advise you to try to answer at least one of these questions a day, reflecting calmly and sincerely on the answers.

16. How do I see my life in 5 years?

Think about it for a moment: how will your life be in 5 years? Will you be in the same situation as today? Maybe the idea of this future makes you happy, and you don't want to change anything, or maybe the idea of this future is something you don't want to experience.

This exercise consists in knowing if the life that we lead today leads us towards this ideal of life of which we dream or if we have to change certain things to get there.

17. What would I do if I weren't afraid?

Fear is paralyzing, and when it comes to getting out of our comfort zone, we make up all the excuses in the world to complain without finding solutions and change what is bothering us.

Think about what you would do if you were not afraid, what you would dare to do, visualize the situation you would like to experience and imagine it without fear. How do you feel?

18. What are My top 3 talents?

Sometimes we all see our faults, but we are not able to appreciate our talents. What is the best thing you do? What are you passionate about? And the most important question: do you devote yourself to this?

These questions will let you know what is coming out of you and why you are not dedicating yourself more to what you really like.

19. What is the unrealized dream of my childhood?

Each of us has a "kid's dream" that we imagined would come true as an adult. Think about what you dreamed of when you were little and what happened so that you were not experiencing it.

In addition, you can think of what you can do to get closer to this childhood dream.

20. Am I holding on to something I should let go of?

We often tend to hold on to things or people we should let go of, because they don't do us any good or because it is time to evolve and change.

It is important to learn to let go. It hurts, but over time we will realize that sometimes it is better to let go of things or people to breathe new life into our lives.

21. Am I living my life to be happy or to make others happy?

If we think carefully about our life, we can sometimes realize that we live and that we choose what makes others happy, at the expense of what makes us happy.

deep question to ask about life

In conclusion, there are days when we get up and wonder why we find ourselves next to someone who does not love or respect us, why we go to work every day in a place that we are not passionate about, or why, in general, we don't have the life we dreamed of. We all spend our lives trying to understand "who we are," "where we are going," and "where we come from" ... Whether in adolescence, adulthood, or old age, we are always looking to find a common denominator for our existence on this planet. To help with your existential dilemmas, these deep questions of life highlighted above would be of great importance.

How To Grow The Habit of Reading

How To Grow The Habit of Reading

Learning is an essential part of human life. It’s done through various medium - oral, audiovisual and written method. You can always learn by reading, watching or listening to an individual. Even though watching television or use of social media are good for learning, reading and listening are considered to be an effective means to learn new things. Reading takes us to unseen places, introduces us to characters we are never likely to meet and arouse emotions we might never. If done correctly, a broader horizon regarding a subject is certain. Hence the importance of good reading habit is so very essential.

In schools, office and various organization, reading is relevant for personal development, communication, and so many other purposes. Hardly is there a brilliant and successful student or a wise personality that hasn’t racked up the documented ideas for his/her endeavor. A study by Pew research revealed that Americans read a mean average of 12 books per year. Furthermore, the organization revealed that a total of 74 percent of Americans have read at least one book in the past 12 months. This implies that an average American believes in document thought, ideas, opinions just to mention a few.

If you really want to grasp the art of reading and develop a healthy habit for it, then it’s crucial you learn more about it. There are interesting books to read online. Some people who were once in your shoe, but their burning desire to become a good reader help them develop the habit of reading. This has helped several of them to be successful in their career and renowned for mastering the art of reading. In an analysis by, Warren Buffet was reported to read up to 500 pages in a day. No wonder he implements creative business tactics almost every time.

A girl reading books in the library
Readers are leaders — those who read more, become more informed and intelligent than before. Of course, you can’t engage in reading without a clear purpose. There must be a primary motivation for it. These reasons could range from reading for pleasure, shedding stress and intermingling with the characters, just to mention a few. But the important thing is to get new bits of information. You can take the help of a good novel to read or anything else which piques your vanity.

Regardless of the prime motivation behind your desire to improve the habit of reading, it’s important to inform you that reading a fictional or nonfictional book have similar tactics. Yes, they are related and much identical. If you can be devoted to them and apply the techniques I recommend in this post, you will enjoy the benefits of good reading habits can’t elude you.

Want to get started? Here are some vital tips for your consideration.

Setting The Foundation

You can never build a habit without creating a foundation for it. Think of a house, before construction started, a foundation was created. After that structure was placed upon it. And that’s precisely what it means to grow the habit of reading. You need a base, a platform to create the structure. How can a foundation be built? Check them below

  • Set a Reading Goal

You can not develop a reading habit without setting a goal. Goals precede actions. There must be an intent to doing something. If you’ve ever been opportune to interview great readers, they will inform you about the power of goals. That’s the first and foremost factors to consider when striving to formulate a good reading habit. You must be able to visualize what exactly you intend to accomplish before setting out to read. Few ones include the intention to think deeper, teach yourself more about discipline, sharpen your skills, curb your anxieties, take you to the next level among others. When you formulate a goal, you fuel your passion for becoming a good reader

  • Craft a List of Book for Each Month

The next thing to do is create a list of book you intend to read each month. There can be difficulty in getting this done. There are tons of books in physical or online stores that could compete for your attention. One proven way to resist the temptation of bombarding your list with the relevant and irrelevant book is to launch your browser and query the search engine with keywords “Popular books to read now.” You can also customize it to the field of your interest. For instance, if you love a fictional story, you can input “fictional book to read now”.From the recommendation pulled out, you can start identifying the most suitable one and create your list from it.

  • Create a Conducive Reading Environment

Quality reading is never done without a good environment. Define your personality and analyze the most suitable environmental factors that will boost your reading. For instance, if you can’t cope in a noisy environment, it’s better you structure your reading to a quiet location or period where there will be lesser noise. Factors like Table, chair, table lamp, flower vase, reading room decoration can boost your reading. Choosing to read on mattress or bed is not always practical as sitting to read. Also, painting is another factor that stimulates learning. Ensure to consider these elements when planning to grow a habit of reading.

  • Set a Timetable

Set a time frame for your reading. That’s the best way to discipline yourself. When you’re choosing to become a good reader, you must be able to fix some periods of the day for it. The timetable should reflect your capacity. But you shouldn’t miss out anyway for reading. You can only choose a flexible time-frame. For instance, 30 minutes, 40 minutes reading. Always set the maximum duration you can use to read in a day.

A good novel to read

Building Upon The Foundation

After you’ve cemented your foundation with a timetable, it’s time to start building upon the foundation.

  • Embrace The 3p's of Learning – Persistent, Perseverance and Patience

You can never be an excellent reader without been persistence. It doesn’t matter the number of pages you read daily. The main thing here is don’t get discouraged. There will be reasons to miss the timetable or discard a book. But it’s important you are persistent and patient enough to build the growth. You have to practice reading every day. It doesn’t come easily, but you need to work harder to get it. the best books to read correlate your action with your goals.

  • Be Curious

You read more when you are curious about something. It’s crucial you’re passionate about something in a book. The more you seek for an answer, the better devotion you create for reading. No one can ever distract you. This is because you will always want to get a supportive response to your curiosity. Still, be curious to learn more. There are places where you can peep to get the best books to read and choose your own book which may hook you for a longtime and be your good partner , helping you to meet new characters and visit new places.

Finally, as time goes by you improve your reading habit. You must be passionate about it and persevere in developing the skills. The important thing is that to stick to the habit of reading daily no matter how much you read. That means you are at least using a substantial part daily in reading, and you’re are enjoying your time; this adds value to your life.Procrastination may jeopardize the entire process.

Start reading today.

Self Conscious- The Identity Enigma

Self Conscious Synonym

Humans are blessed with an active sense of awareness. Our brains are structured to be so hypersensitive that we evolved to carve out opinions, thoughts, and judgment about the life forms around us. Unfortunately, this character trait of ours seems to have caused us as a race more harm than good.

“I’ve always been hypersensitive about my body. Ever since I was little, I was given every reason to doubt my appearance, to want more, to mimic the gold standard. This obsession ruined the image I had of myself; my reflection splits the mirror every time I gaze upon myself.

The Identity Enigma

High school was a particularly trying period in my life. Crazed with puberty and the hormonal expanse bursting within my brain, I always felt the constant compulsion to feed. My mother even called me “Ari the tank.” A more than appropriate moniker as my tank never seemed to get full. As a result of my compulsive eating habits, I blew up. Literally! I went from a skinny little girl to a fantastically sized teenager. I became overwhelmed by the speed at which I expanded and during this period of my life I began to understand the beauty standards the world dictated for humans.

Self Conscious Syndrome

Beauty is a concept widely popularized in our current reality. A reality that I found out to be cruel and devastatingly unforgiving. I began to get stared at every time I walked down the hall. Boys would look at me and snigger at my size. Even my friends would abandon me for fear of being tagged as “the fatso’s accomplices.” Body shaming made me self-conscious. A consciousness that made me doubt every aspect of my being. Everything began to lose meaning, from my capacity to excel to my intensity for social activity. I became labeled as the brand I never wanted to be. My "Self Conscious Syndrome" became a constant struggle. When I went to the beach and saw the thin girls in bikinis, I cringed. When I put on the television, and the model for an ad came up with that perfectly toned body, I cringed. When I even walked out of my house to go on simple errands, and people started to throw glances at me, I cringed. My awareness peaked, and it was slowly destroying my reason to live.


At the moment where I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I stumbled upon a book titled THE POW​​ER IS WITHIN YOU. It’s an eye-opening book written by Louise Hay. In the book, the author gave a radical ideology of the philosophies and processes of loving self through learning to listen to our hearts and shutting out the cacophony of voices that the world throws at us. It was a very eye-opening book that taught me one of the most invaluable lessons this life could ever teach me: Learn to love yourself because no matter what anyone says, no matter what the world thinks and no matter what life throws at you, there can be only one You.”

The Power Is Within You

The story above is a concise representation of the identity enigma that the majority of us find ourselves in. According to statistics garnered from a 2016 survey of nearly 12,000 participants, almost 45% of men and almost 60% of all women in the world are either dissatisfied with their looks, weight or some part of themselves. Shocking isn’t it? To see that so many people battle with self-consciousness on a daily basis!! Fortunately, there a few ways to accommodate oneself in our ever nebulous reality.

David Allyn, Ph.D., is another unique personality that delves into the concept of “Self Conscious Synonym.”He’s a Harvard-trained social scientist and also a visiting scholar at Columbia University's Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy. He urges that, individuals, who are experiencing such circumstances, to Kill shame-inducing situations before they become a threat to their self-esteem and self-confidence. In his book titled: I Can't Believe I Just Did That, he gave some useful clues needed to avoid the Self Conscious Syndrome. They include :

  • Punctuality: David noted that timeliness helps creates self-discipline and further astounds others and yourself. It's a good habit that keeps you calm at any place.
  • Be objective. You're like to be caught lying, so why choosing such a path? Lies are there to set you up with unnecessary opportunities to feel ashamed of yourself.  Be realistic about your self-worth.
  • Keep to your word: It’s nice to be respected for being reliable. Therefore, endeavor always to honor your word regardless of the circumstances you might be experiencing. Embrace the habit of fulfilling your promises.


There are numerous ways in which self-consciousness plagues our existence. We get self-conscious about our looks, our bodies, our finances, our intellect, our families, and even our quality of life. In fact, self-consciousness has led to a dangerous cycle of depression and anxiety based disorders that have traumatized and damaged millions of lives. Why must we care what other people think? Why must we compare ourselves to the standards of the world? You know what? You don’t have to. I don’t have to. We have only one life; only one existence. Let’s live it to the fullest. And always remember; No one will Love you as much as you’ll love yourself.

#Ref: I am indebted to  for some parts of the article.

Self-Indulgence That Brings Doom

Self Indulgent Definition

Why people often commit the deed?  Suicide is not something new to the human psyche, and often we are tormented with the thought of bidding goodbye to all our problems once and for all. It seems simple enough, and often most people fail to understand the root causes as to why so many kill themselves. According to WHO, it is estimated that nearly one million die each year, due to committing suicide. That’s a huge statistic, whichever way you look at it but the point is that all those who did the deed, believed that they had valid and real reasons for doing so. Various suicide groups often label themselves with a self -indulgent definition such as SOS, or something like “last man walking” and more of the same. These organizations exist mainly to help prevent people from committing the rash deed. Some reasons can be cited as to why so many people feel the need to jump off the bridge or something equally insane.

Reasons for Performing the Deed

  • Loneliness: Some people are extremely shy and reserved and often have a hard time making any friends. I was also such a character, but luckily I was friends with was a facebook friend. He lived half a world away. I used to be often depressed when I saw others hanging out with their friends and family and having a great time. But I decided to get some help and today, I have a few more friends in my life and am not that depressed any longer. The point is that you can get depressed for various reasons and when you do not seek help in time, you may well end up ‘doing the deed.’
Self Indulgent
  • Crying out for help: Often, most people who commit suicides are physically and mentally suffering and literally crying out for help. But the problem is that they do not know who to turn to which is why so many of them take the eventual decision to end their life. Therefore it is essential to reach out to the victim and let them know that they are not alone.  There is hope still, and there are people who can help them to come out of this dark chapter of their life.
  • Mental agony: More often than not, most suicides often undergo extreme stress and mental agony due to a failed relationship or the loss of a loved one like one’s mother or father. They are powerless as far as the situation is concerned which is why they often seek out to end their life.


With more suicides taking place each day and WHO estimating that there would be at least one suicide, taking place every 20 seconds, is enough to give us food for thought. For that reason it is essential for you to approach those groups with self-indulgent definition, and get in touch with these support groups before taking any fateful decision. The point is that there is a lot more to life and that ending it is not going to solve anything.

Self-Righteousness: Can You Convince ‘The Convinced’?

Self-Righteous Definition

I am pretty much convinced that if it is too good, it isn’t true. Very simple lines, but it can re-frame your views regarding the concept of ‘self-righteous.’ It all started from having a belief encoded so insidious of your roots that it cannot be altered without breaking it. Let’s redefine the Self-Righteous Definition into a more accurate sense.

When a belief breaks, it invites vulnerability at the catastrophic level, especially if it is powerful and sowed years ago. Let me tell you a story which simplifies the concept of being self-righteous with blunt brushstrokes. 

Unfolding the Truth about Self-Righteousness

Usually, stories begin from ‘when I was kid…’ but this begins from my post-teenage age. My grandfather was a follower of spiritualism whereas, in my family, most people believe in the orthodox aspect of god presence in the world. It doesn’t matter what religion I speak of. The funny part is a religion is something which invokes self-righteous Definitions in the very moral codes of people. I must tell you that concept, motive, and objective of religion is same and similar, so it doesn’t actually matter which religion I am referring to.

Religion is the primary source of feeding morality compass into human consciousness. Before I present myself too much to reveal, let me complete the story. There was a get together in my home. I asked my grandfather a question which nobody sees it coming. I said, “Grandpa, Is God Exist?”

I don’t much then, but I remember the relief on being asked this question finally. He smiled and looked at my other family members who were actually seemed mad at me.

He then told me a story which I am relating you here. There was a man, a devotee who devoted his entire life believing that God is there. He served him, praised him, spread his words and worshipped the almighty god all the time. He was a self-righteous man with the belief of God's existence. But after spending his entire life, a little doubt came. Once an enlightened being, a yogi visited the town. He asked the inevitable question ‘Is God Exist? The Enlighten being answered ‘No.’


Again, at a similar kind of gathering with enlighten being. Another man who has always strongly reject the existence of god neglected any almighty power; a true atheist lived his whole life with similar self-righteous belief guided by the power of his ego and knowledge. Towards the end of his life, again, a little doubt came. He asked the enlightened being, the same inevitable question ‘Is God Exist?’ He said ‘Yes.’

Just like you, I was too confused on these two contradictory answers of the enlightened being. I asked “I didn’t get it, grandpa.  Is God Exist or not?  He said ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ both.”

Then, my grandfather told me that answer which the enlightened being clarified on the existence of god. This answer can change your life as it did to mine. It re-engineered the concept of self-righteousness or Self-Righteous Definition.

He said “It doesn’t matter whether the god exists or not? It even doesn’t matter what you believe or what not. What matters is whether you believe in anything or not. Whether you believe God exists or you think it’s not, you are in the same boat. Strong beliefs create morals and sense of self-righteousness because whatever your belief feeds you a script about how and what to respond with that filtration.

For example, in the case of the existence of God, whether you believe in either of the theories, you will live in a world of conflict, not self-discovery and knowledge. The best power lies in the sentence ‘I don’t know’ because when you don’t know, you start the pursuit of finding it.

Difference Between Right and Wrong

Self-righteous is the concept where people think what they do or think is serving a purpose or a belief which is already true in their mind. But what happens when the foundation in their head is actually not true at all.

You might consider the difference between right and true. Right is according to perspective. What can be right for me, it can be wrong for you. Truth is indeed true; it never serves to any belief. It is factual, hence dark.


Terrorists are the best example of self-righteous men in the extreme sense. I mean just think what possible logic or philosophy they have to kill innocents. I think that there is no logic at all. It is pure belief where they think what they are doing is right. Not applies to everyone but in general, it the best example of the extreme side of thinking.

If you already know what is right and what is wrong, then why aren’t you perfect? It is simply that the world doesn’t work on right and wrong. It works on the shades. Yes, there should be a sense of morality in the people, but it will be better if it based on truth, logic, and reasoning. Morality can be faltered. Self-righteous might works in the tiniest forms, but it does more harm than good.


Self-righteous men are either fools or cowards, reluctant to face the truth and complications come with it. They do what is simple. And that is to just put things into either of two sides where one is right, and one is wrong. They are already convinced on something else while you are trying to convince them otherwise. But do understand that righteousness is not your enemy like self-righteousness as they both are different. Righteousness is actually a simple word which can be termed as ‘tendency to know or find what is right’ if you let it be.

Questions to Get to Know People

Questions to Get to Know People

We meet new people every day, but we have a choice on who to make friends and who to maintain distance as acquaintances. There is often a wall to break when you first interact with people. It is never easy on both parties to make the first move, but someone has to do it. You should be familiar with questions to get to know people.

While there are multiple techniques of knowing someone, communication is a key. You have to engage the individual preferably face-to-face and familiarize with their reactions. In the 21st century, face-to-face can be achieved in various ways. However, it is not a rule; the point is you have to ask each other questions to establish their line of thought and perspectives in life.


It is easier to click with someone with the same opinions in life. But this doesn’t mean you should only be friends with people who you seem to agree with everything. Actually, you gain a lot from people who have grown up in a different background and environment as well as culture. You get to know and appreciate the diversity of life.

First impressions matter. In fact, it determines whether you will make the first move or not. Some traits will automatically attract you to someone and trigger a conversation. In some cases, you might be disappointed after several minutes of talking to the new person. Questioning has an element of reality; you might realize people are not what they seem to be once they speak their minds.

Whether you are in a social environment and only need to make a friend or trying to establish a business relationship or hoping to have a life companion, there has to be a first move.

We all hesitate wondering how the other party will think of us. There is often a fear of rejection, embarrassment, or negative energy. What will you ask?

It is more scary, if you have to take a seat beside the stranger, which means you will spend more time and you have to keep the conversation flowing.

In that case, we can ask the person some casual questions, personal questions, some more digging questions about career, about hobbies, including likes and dislikes, about future plans, but always making sure not to annoy with questions which pique the vanity. Otherwise, the bond of friendship will never grow. When you want to know someone personally and engage with the person on a long term basis, you have to delve deep into his character so that the journey of friendship is smooth and long lasting.

Here are some ideas-


  • When was the last time you had climbed a tree?
  • Which skills are you interested in mastering?
  • When you can’t get to sleep, what do you do?
  • Who is your favorite music artist?
  • Which is your favorite sport?
  • What takes much of your time?
  • What do you think you would have known more?
  • What was the worst adventure of your life?
  • If you had limited funds and you have to build a house, what would it look like?
  • What do you consider as a perfect weekend?
  • Who do you admire most in life because of their accomplishments?
  • Which is your favorite book/movie genre?
  • What is the longest time you have been away from home?
  • What melts your heart?
  • What do most people come to you for help?
  • What do you think is the weirdest thing about humans?
  • What do most people like and you don’t?
  • What have you been struggling with and still not got it?
  • What has changed since the year started?
  • Why did you decide to take the job you are doing?
  • What is unique about your childhood?
  • Where do you consider the place on earth?
  • Which question remains unanswered in your world?
personal questions to ask to get to know someone

Personal questions

  • When was the last time you had made a major change of belief or opinion?
  • What do you regret most in life?
  • What was your childhood dream that never happened?
  • What is the most stupid thing you’ve done?
  • Which events define you in life?
  • What do you wish everyone would understand in your world?
  • If you were to change your name, what would it be?
  • What are the stupid things you enjoy doing with your friends?
  • What is the most exciting thing about your best friend?
  • What is the most challenging aspect of your life?
  • What’s your biggest question in life?
  • What is unique about your family?
  • What would you do with 3 million dollars?
  • What are the 5 interesting facts about you?
  • What do your friends find weird about you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your personal rules in life?
  • What do you miss about your childhood?
  • What is your biggest lesson in life?
  • What is the best thing you learned or got from parents?
  • What keeps you awake all night?
  • What do you hope to improve as a person?
  • What is your biggest fear?

Digging deep

  • What do you fear people will know when they look at you?
  • What is your biggest or common lie?
  • When do you want to be alone?
  • What makes you anxious?
  • When was the lowest ebb of your life mentally and physically?
  • What are the harsh truths you choose to ignore?
  • Has someone ever broken your heart? Tell me about it.
  • Tell me about the times you have been in love.
  • Do you believe in fate or people define their destiny?
  • What is your perception of death? What happens afterwards?
  • What does happiness mean to you?
  • What is your definition of beauty?
  • Which is your darkest thought?


  • Are you a “live to work” or “work to live” person?
  • What do you find frustrating about your job?
  • What is the exciting thing about your current job?
  • Are you contented with your job or not?
  • How long do you plan working in your current company?
  • Are you proud of your job?

These questions are just a guide . You can enlarge on it and make your own questions and go your own way. But the fact remains that the more enrich yourself by reading such topics your wisdom shall guide to the path of light. 

Importance of Self Awareness- Are We Conscious

The Importance of Self-Awareness

What does Self-Awareness imply? As defined by the dictionary, Self-Awareness refers to adequate knowledge of one's real character or personality. It also means having an accurate or taking stock of your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and personality. You know what you do. If we try to Explain the Meaning of Self Awareness and go deep into it, we shall have to consider the fact how others look into it. Also, it is the ability to observe our mental processes from outside as if we were watching a third person. This makes us know that part of our mind which is currently dominating at a particular moment and in case we consider it necessary, to start the mental mechanisms that transmute negative feelings into positives.

An absence of self-awareness could give rise to high levels of confusion and frustration in life! Also, the measure of self-awareness you possess can positively or negatively affect your happiness, relationships, and career.

Importance of Self-Awareness for Achieving Our Goals

Being aware of yourself can help you improve your relationships and improve your ability to achieve your goals. It may be mentioned that the benefits of being self-aware are not limited to gaining specific knowledge or following rules. You should also ask some self-esteem questions and answers too.  Here are some other reasons why it is important to be aware of yourself.

1. It gives you the power to make the necessary adjustments

Self-awareness highlights wrong beliefs and inappropriate emotional feelings and helps us to make adjustments as and when necessary.

Also, self-awareness rekindles the reasons for past failures and the challenges ahead. So. When everything doesn’t happen according to our expectation we say it bad luck; Sometimes we may argue with ourselves and say perhaps the timing was not good. In fact we didn’t think about the situation before we took the all-important step. It is much easier to see the reason behind the relationship, work and other dilemmas when you can look at yourself clearly.

Do you always struggle at work or in relationships with people around you? It stands to reason that you are doing something ineffective. If you want different results, you will have to do things differently and make the right adjustments.

2. If you are going to be a leader, you should have this quality

Self-awareness is a major requirement for leaders. If self-awareness is lacking, it puts a limit on your leadership skills, and executives who have the quality to understand their own weaknesses can overcome by forming a  team to fill the gap.

3. It serves as the basis for personal progress 

If you have to progress you should be aware of self-awareness. It is the basis for individual achievement. Without it, any personal development effort will be severely hampered. But it can indeed be developed although it will not happen so quickly. You certainly have to strive for it with constant practice.

4. It encourages productivity

Individuals with self-awareness tend to think faster. They have a better personal understanding and can tackle daily challenges easily. If you are not able to understand yourself, you are more likely to delay your decisions because you will have uncertainty. This will be reflected in the loss of time caused due to having to reflect on many alternatives when a swift point of action is required.

5. It helps you to understand your own emotions 

With self-awareness, you tend to understand your own emotions and their impact on your performance. You are the one who knows what you are feeling and why - and how it helps or harms what you are trying to do. You feel how others see you, and this self-image reflects that wider reality. It is the precise sense of your strengths and limitations, which guarantees a realistic self-confidence. It also provides clarity about your values and a sense of purpose, so you can be more decisive when you establish a plan of action.

6. It helps us in all areas of life

A high degree of self-awareness can help us in all areas of life, and especially in teaching, studying and learning.  Along with feelings or emotions appear physical manifestations such as perspiring, breathing with difficulty, tension or fatigue. And there are also cognitive manifestations (e.g., of distressing emotions), such as a lack of concentration, slowed motor or physical behaviour, freezing or overcrowding and blockage of thought processes, such as forgetfulness or confusion.

7. It enables us to control our irritability

In order to control our irritability, we must be aware of each trigger of our emotions, and also the processes by which such powerful feelings arise; only then can we learn to appease them and use them appropriately. To avoid discouragement and to motivate us, we must be aware of the reason why we allow specific facts or negative affirmations about us to affect our spirits.

How to develop this quality   

Self-awareness is not something that is achieved once. Each moment is an opportunity to be self-aware or not. It is a continuous enterprise, a conscious choice. A cheering fact is that the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

There are many ways to develop self-awareness. One of these ways includes seeking for the positive attributes you have and value this part of you. Another way to become better people is by recognizing weaknesses and actively working on their improvement. These two methods of self-improvement define what it means to be self-aware. Besides, you can enhance your self-awareness step by step through the following ways:

Explain the Meaning of Self Awareness

Write your manifesto

To begin with, you have to be more aware of yourself. Think and document your opinions about the various aspect of your life and what you intend to do. When you focus on something it should be black and white.  

Write out your strong and weak points

 How do you know that you're right? Just don’t try to climb the tree in one jump. You might be a hard worker but are you so? The point is when you are comparing yourself with others, provide evidence before making any decision.

Consider how others would you describe you

Put into consideration how people close to you think about you. Are they suggesting for your improvement? Do go further and try to judge the accuracy of their statements. You have to dwell deep into the matter to know the truth about it.


 To have a better understanding of awareness meditation help to develop your senses and you get to know yourself better. To increase self-awareness meditation is a must. Meditate once a day, then go about your daily activities, get to know people around you and your  surroundings.


the key to self-awareness is to be in tune with abundant information about our sensations, feelings, values, intentions, and actions. This would aid us in understanding how we respond, behave, communicate and function in different situations. The processing of all this information is what we call self-consciousness.

Furthermore, It is the cornerstone on which you can build the castle of your of success and achievements. Your beliefs, habits, strengths, and weaknesses help you to make effective and lasting changes in your life.  You should not assume that you are always in a self-conscious state. Give yourself some time for thought and reflection. Life is also a lot easier when you are aware of yourself. Certainly, you can reap a good harvest in life if you start building your self-awareness in ways discussed above. So make haste, the sooner, the better.

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