How To Grow The Habit of Reading

Learning is an essential part of human life. It’s done through various medium - oral, audiovisual and written method. You can always learn by reading, watching or listening to an individual. Even though watching television or use of social media are good for learning, reading and listening are considered to be an effective means to learn new things. Reading takes us to unseen places, introduces us to characters we are never likely to meet and arouse emotions we might never. If done correctly, a broader horizon regarding a subject is certain. Hence the importance of good reading habit is so very essential.

In schools, office and various organization, reading is relevant for personal development, communication, and so many other purposes. Hardly is there a brilliant and successful student or a wise personality that hasn’t racked up the documented ideas for his/her endeavor. A study by Pew research revealed that Americans read a mean average of 12 books per year. Furthermore, the organization revealed that a total of 74 percent of Americans have read at least one book in the past 12 months. This implies that an average American believes in document thought, ideas, opinions just to mention a few.

If you really want to grasp the art of reading and develop a healthy habit for it, then it’s crucial you learn more about it. There are interesting books to read online. Some people who were once in your shoe, but their burning desire to become a good reader help them develop the habit of reading. This has helped several of them to be successful in their career and renowned for mastering the art of reading. In an analysis by, Warren Buffet was reported to read up to 500 pages in a day. No wonder he implements creative business tactics almost every time.

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Readers are leaders — those who read more, become more informed and intelligent than before. Of course, you can’t engage in reading without a clear purpose. There must be a primary motivation for it. These reasons could range from reading for pleasure, shedding stress and intermingling with the characters, just to mention a few. But the important thing is to get new bits of information. You can take the help of a good novel to read or anything else which piques your vanity.

Regardless of the prime motivation behind your desire to improve the habit of reading, it’s important to inform you that reading a fictional or nonfictional book have similar tactics. Yes, they are related and much identical. If you can be devoted to them and apply the techniques I recommend in this post, you will enjoy the benefits of good reading habits can’t elude you.

Want to get started? Here are some vital tips for your consideration.

Setting The Foundation

You can never build a habit without creating a foundation for it. Think of a house, before construction started, a foundation was created. After that structure was placed upon it. And that’s precisely what it means to grow the habit of reading. You need a base, a platform to create the structure. How can a foundation be built? Check them below

  • Set a Reading Goal

You can not develop a reading habit without setting a goal. Goals precede actions. There must be an intent to doing something. If you’ve ever been opportune to interview great readers, they will inform you about the power of goals. That’s the first and foremost factors to consider when striving to formulate a good reading habit. You must be able to visualize what exactly you intend to accomplish before setting out to read. Few ones include the intention to think deeper, teach yourself more about discipline, sharpen your skills, curb your anxieties, take you to the next level among others. When you formulate a goal, you fuel your passion for becoming a good reader

  • Craft a List of Book for Each Month

The next thing to do is create a list of book you intend to read each month. There can be difficulty in getting this done. There are tons of books in physical or online stores that could compete for your attention. One proven way to resist the temptation of bombarding your list with the relevant and irrelevant book is to launch your browser and query the search engine with keywords “Popular books to read now.” You can also customize it to the field of your interest. For instance, if you love a fictional story, you can input “fictional book to read now”.From the recommendation pulled out, you can start identifying the most suitable one and create your list from it.

  • Create a Conducive Reading Environment

Quality reading is never done without a good environment. Define your personality and analyze the most suitable environmental factors that will boost your reading. For instance, if you can’t cope in a noisy environment, it’s better you structure your reading to a quiet location or period where there will be lesser noise. Factors like Table, chair, table lamp, flower vase, reading room decoration can boost your reading. Choosing to read on mattress or bed is not always practical as sitting to read. Also, painting is another factor that stimulates learning. Ensure to consider these elements when planning to grow a habit of reading.

  • Set a Timetable

Set a time frame for your reading. That’s the best way to discipline yourself. When you’re choosing to become a good reader, you must be able to fix some periods of the day for it. The timetable should reflect your capacity. But you shouldn’t miss out anyway for reading. You can only choose a flexible time-frame. For instance, 30 minutes, 40 minutes reading. Always set the maximum duration you can use to read in a day.

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Building Upon The Foundation

After you’ve cemented your foundation with a timetable, it’s time to start building upon the foundation.

  • Embrace The 3p's of Learning – Persistent, Perseverance and Patience

You can never be an excellent reader without been persistence. It doesn’t matter the number of pages you read daily. The main thing here is don’t get discouraged. There will be reasons to miss the timetable or discard a book. But it’s important you are persistent and patient enough to build the growth. You have to practice reading every day. It doesn’t come easily, but you need to work harder to get it. the best books to read correlate your action with your goals.

  • Be Curious

You read more when you are curious about something. It’s crucial you’re passionate about something in a book. The more you seek for an answer, the better devotion you create for reading. No one can ever distract you. This is because you will always want to get a supportive response to your curiosity. Still, be curious to learn more. There are places where you can peep to get the best books to read and choose your own book which may hook you for a longtime and be your good partner , helping you to meet new characters and visit new places.

Finally, as time goes by you improve your reading habit. You must be passionate about it and persevere in developing the skills. The important thing is that to stick to the habit of reading daily no matter how much you read. That means you are at least using a substantial part daily in reading, and you’re are enjoying your time; this adds value to your life.Procrastination may jeopardize the entire process.

Start reading today.

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