Questions to Get to Know People

We meet new people every day, but we have a choice on who to make friends and who to maintain distance as acquaintances. There is often a wall to break when you first interact with people. It is never easy on both parties to make the first move, but someone has to do it. You should be familiar with questions to get to know people.

While there are multiple techniques of knowing someone, communication is a key. You have to engage the individual preferably face-to-face and familiarize with their reactions. In the 21st century, face-to-face can be achieved in various ways. However, it is not a rule; the point is you have to ask each other questions to establish their line of thought and perspectives in life.


It is easier to click with someone with the same opinions in life. But this doesn’t mean you should only be friends with people who you seem to agree with everything. Actually, you gain a lot from people who have grown up in a different background and environment as well as culture. You get to know and appreciate the diversity of life.

First impressions matter. In fact, it determines whether you will make the first move or not. Some traits will automatically attract you to someone and trigger a conversation. In some cases, you might be disappointed after several minutes of talking to the new person. Questioning has an element of reality; you might realize people are not what they seem to be once they speak their minds.

Whether you are in a social environment and only need to make a friend or trying to establish a business relationship or hoping to have a life companion, there has to be a first move.

We all hesitate wondering how the other party will think of us. There is often a fear of rejection, embarrassment, or negative energy. What will you ask?

It is more scary, if you have to take a seat beside the stranger, which means you will spend more time and you have to keep the conversation flowing.

In that case, we can ask the person some casual questions, personal questions, some more digging questions about career, about hobbies, including likes and dislikes, about future plans, but always making sure not to annoy with questions which pique the vanity. Otherwise, the bond of friendship will never grow. When you want to know someone personally and engage with the person on a long term basis, you have to delve deep into his character so that the journey of friendship is smooth and long lasting.

Here are some ideas-


  • When was the last time you had climbed a tree?
  • Which skills are you interested in mastering?
  • When you can’t get to sleep, what do you do?
  • Who is your favorite music artist?
  • Which is your favorite sport?
  • What takes much of your time?
  • What do you think you would have known more?
  • What was the worst adventure of your life?
  • If you had limited funds and you have to build a house, what would it look like?
  • What do you consider as a perfect weekend?
  • Who do you admire most in life because of their accomplishments?
  • Which is your favorite book/movie genre?
  • What is the longest time you have been away from home?
  • What melts your heart?
  • What do most people come to you for help?
  • What do you think is the weirdest thing about humans?
  • What do most people like and you don’t?
  • What have you been struggling with and still not got it?
  • What has changed since the year started?
  • Why did you decide to take the job you are doing?
  • What is unique about your childhood?
  • Where do you consider the place on earth?
  • Which question remains unanswered in your world?
personal questions to ask to get to know someone

Personal questions

  • When was the last time you had made a major change of belief or opinion?
  • What do you regret most in life?
  • What was your childhood dream that never happened?
  • What is the most stupid thing you’ve done?
  • Which events define you in life?
  • What do you wish everyone would understand in your world?
  • If you were to change your name, what would it be?
  • What are the stupid things you enjoy doing with your friends?
  • What is the most exciting thing about your best friend?
  • What is the most challenging aspect of your life?
  • What’s your biggest question in life?
  • What is unique about your family?
  • What would you do with 3 million dollars?
  • What are the 5 interesting facts about you?
  • What do your friends find weird about you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your personal rules in life?
  • What do you miss about your childhood?
  • What is your biggest lesson in life?
  • What is the best thing you learned or got from parents?
  • What keeps you awake all night?
  • What do you hope to improve as a person?
  • What is your biggest fear?

Digging deep

  • What do you fear people will know when they look at you?
  • What is your biggest or common lie?
  • When do you want to be alone?
  • What makes you anxious?
  • When was the lowest ebb of your life mentally and physically?
  • What are the harsh truths you choose to ignore?
  • Has someone ever broken your heart? Tell me about it.
  • Tell me about the times you have been in love.
  • Do you believe in fate or people define their destiny?
  • What is your perception of death? What happens afterwards?
  • What does happiness mean to you?
  • What is your definition of beauty?
  • Which is your darkest thought?


  • Are you a “live to work” or “work to live” person?
  • What do you find frustrating about your job?
  • What is the exciting thing about your current job?
  • Are you contented with your job or not?
  • How long do you plan working in your current company?
  • Are you proud of your job?

These questions are just a guide . You can enlarge on it and make your own questions and go your own way. But the fact remains that the more enrich yourself by reading such topics your wisdom shall guide to the path of light. 

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