Ask Yourself Questions to Get to Know Your Partner

Do you know your partner? Can you say it confidently that you know about all his/her likes, dislikes, regrets, passion, dreams, desires, fantasies? If not, you should definitely read this amazing piece of art which will let you know about some questions to get to know your partner.

Have you ever thought that “your first meeting with your partner” plays a very important role in knowing your partner? If you have met him/her on digital platforms and he was very frank from the first day of your conversation, maybe there are chances that he/she will be more open to some other people in the future. Stop! Stop! Don’t doubt your relation I have just given a possibility. I am here with relationship questions to know your partner better.

Let’s begin with a short story-

Some stories are like fairy tales; let me take you through one such story. This is a story of a couple whose first meeting finally happened on the last day of the inter-college fest while the girl stared at the boy throughout the fest. Sadly, they met for hardly an hour as the girl has to catch the train to go back to her city. You know what even that one hour was enough to feel the magical feeling of “Love”. Days passed, they were in different cities but love, affection, and emotions were constantly brewing between them. Exactly after two months, the boy visited the girl in her city and they know their connection, the bond is not ending soon. Today, they are married and living together under one roof in the same city.

“Communication will bring understanding and understanding will cause harmonious mutual relationships which can establish peace and stability”  -Lobsang Tenzin

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Communication is very important to create a relationship of love, understanding, intact, caring, and compassion. I have read in a bookFault in our stars”, good communication can always solve big issues. The protagonists of the novel were stopping themselves to love each other to do the communication. They thought they can’t love anyone because they are suffering from a chronic disease but communication solved the issue and they become the support of each other to fight their tough journey.

Diving into the sea of questions to know your partner better, actually, I have divided the set of questions into four different categories to make you understand it better. So categories are as follows:-

  • Questions from Past
  • Questions from Relationship
  • Questions from Life
  • Questions from Future

I will start from “Questions from Past

Questions from Life

Q.Is there anything you consider unforgivable?

You know some people are rigid in behavior and you are so unfortunate if your partner is one of the kind. You can figure out this by asking him/her this question.

Q. Do you usually follow your head or heart while making a decision?

This is one of the smart questions to know the inner soul of your partner. A person who makes a question from the heart usually came out as a more caring partner while it’s otherwise in the case of the brain.

Questions from your previous relationships

Q. What is the reason for the breakup with your ex?

In most of the cases, reason just says it all, how well or smooth your relationship is going to be. There are exceptions too; so, It is suggested that you don’t judge him /her completely as a person by just asking about their breakup.

Q. How many relationships she or he had in the past?

Numbers are important in every concept and it works well here too. It tells about his/her commitment, behavior, concerns, retaliations, and future actions. Though there is always the probability of variations.

Questions from Future

Q.How will you maintain a balance between work and family balance in the future?

If you don’t want to spend a boring life and enjoy your future being with the person whom you married, you should know this. Otherwise, some people spend their whole life in their drawing rooms waiting for their partners to come back home from work.

Q.Do you see us together in the future?

You can say this is another way of asking for a commitment. This is the last question on my list but the most important one; you just have to wait for the right time to shoot this question at your partner.

Life needs a partner and Why not do some planning to choose the right partner. Trust me, planning can make a difference not even here but everywhere. You can notice I have mentioned more number of questions in the “past” category because predicting the future is tough; so, it will be better if you keep your focus most on your partner’s past. This is the best way to know him/her even before something unexpected happens. Knowing all this will also evolve a sense of mutual understanding, care, compassion, and love for each other.

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