Self-Indulgence That Brings Doom

Why people often commit the deed?  Suicide is not something new to the human psyche, and often we are tormented with the thought of bidding goodbye to all our problems once and for all. It seems simple enough, and often most people fail to understand the root causes as to why so many kill themselves. According to WHO, it is estimated that nearly one million die each year, due to committing suicide. That’s a huge statistic, whichever way you look at it but the point is that all those who did the deed, believed that they had valid and real reasons for doing so. Various suicide groups often label themselves with a self -indulgent definition such as SOS, or something like “last man walking” and more of the same. These organizations exist mainly to help prevent people from committing the rash deed. Some reasons can be cited as to why so many people feel the need to jump off the bridge or something equally insane.

Reasons for Performing the Deed

  • Loneliness: Some people are extremely shy and reserved and often have a hard time making any friends. I was also such a character, but luckily I was friends with was a facebook friend. He lived half a world away. I used to be often depressed when I saw others hanging out with their friends and family and having a great time. But I decided to get some help and today, I have a few more friends in my life and am not that depressed any longer. The point is that you can get depressed for various reasons and when you do not seek help in time, you may well end up ‘doing the deed.’
Self Indulgent
  • Crying out for help: Often, most people who commit suicides are physically and mentally suffering and literally crying out for help. But the problem is that they do not know who to turn to which is why so many of them take the eventual decision to end their life. Therefore it is essential to reach out to the victim and let them know that they are not alone.  There is hope still, and there are people who can help them to come out of this dark chapter of their life.
  • Mental agony: More often than not, most suicides often undergo extreme stress and mental agony due to a failed relationship or the loss of a loved one like one’s mother or father. They are powerless as far as the situation is concerned which is why they often seek out to end their life.


With more suicides taking place each day and WHO estimating that there would be at least one suicide, taking place every 20 seconds, is enough to give us food for thought. For that reason it is essential for you to approach those groups with self-indulgent definition, and get in touch with these support groups before taking any fateful decision. The point is that there is a lot more to life and that ending it is not going to solve anything.

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