Our Blog informs you about the questions we face in our day to day life, where you want your dream to be materialised and make your life fulfilling 

This is What You Dream For

Diverse are the beauties of nature. So are our views. Our passion and ego make life difficult for us. Knowledge has the power to mitigate our sufferings. With this mission, we have embarked on this critical journey of ours.

In this site, we are not going  to review any product as we usually do. We shall only focus on why someone needs a certain product and in what way it is going to affect them and how important is it for them, including the aesthetic value.

Reading the Books

Reading the Books For Your Liking

Window on the world and intimate object, the book opens us as many perspectives as long minutes of introspection.

Things You Would Like in Your Reading Room

The Things You Would Like in Your Reading Room

Books are a window into happy, funny or simply memorable memories of your life, so it's not unpleasant to access them in your reading room when you come home at night after a long day. 

Quotes on life


For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.

Martin Luther



Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life.

Yoko Ono



You could cover the whole earth with asphalt, but sooner or later green grass would break through.

Ilya Ehrenburg


Broad Spectrum

This section concerns about the various aspects of life ,culture , arts, entertainment , travelogue, history, biography, Invention, sports , hobbies, recipe, tourism,entertainment etc. How the works  and activities of great men has had profound impact crossing the boundaries and borders. Beauties of nature which you never forget . Some antics which remain ever costly and precious to you. 

And more and more and more.

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What we say & envision 

We envision our mother earth to be a place where peace and tranquillity to prevail. Be it our home, locality, state, country or the world at large. With the coming of ICT, our world has become a village. Communication from one end to the other has become so fast and easy. We can see everything and hear everything, how far the distance. This is a gift and a bounty which we ought to use for the common benefit of all. Every aspect of our life is a reflection of our thoughts and actions. With those come various question the answers of which are not easy to have . Our articles dwell on varied subjects where you might find some of the answers and can then contemplate and brood to soothe yourselves . Although it is an unending process but why not get a start.

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