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Wellness refers to the state of overall well-being, encompassing various aspects of a person’s life. It involves taking proactive measures to maintain and improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Wellness includes practicing healthy habits such as regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate rest, and managing stress effectively. It also emphasizes the importance of fostering positive relationships, engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment, and finding purpose and meaning in life. Wellness is a holistic approach that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, aiming for optimal health and a balanced, fulfilling life.

Self-Indulgence That Brings Doom

Why people often commit the deed?  Suicide is not something new to the human psyche, and often we are tormented with the thought of bidding goodbye to all our problems once and for all. It seems simple enough, and often most people fail to understand the root causes as to why so many kill themselves. […]

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