Importance of Self Awareness- Are We Conscious

What does Self-Awareness imply? As defined by the dictionary, Self-Awareness refers to adequate knowledge of one's real character or personality. It also means having an accurate or taking stock of your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and personality. You know what you do. If we try to Explain the Meaning of Self Awareness and go deep into it, we shall have to consider the fact how others look into it. Also, it is the ability to observe our mental processes from outside as if we were watching a third person. This makes us know that part of our mind which is currently dominating at a particular moment and in case we consider it necessary, to start the mental mechanisms that transmute negative feelings into positives.

An absence of self-awareness could give rise to high levels of confusion and frustration in life! Also, the measure of self-awareness you possess can positively or negatively affect your happiness, relationships, and career.

Importance of Self-Awareness for Achieving Our Goals

Being aware of yourself can help you improve your relationships and improve your ability to achieve your goals. It may be mentioned that the benefits of being self-aware are not limited to gaining specific knowledge or following rules. You should also ask some self-esteem questions and answers too.  Here are some other reasons why it is important to be aware of yourself.

1. It gives you the power to make the necessary adjustments

Self-awareness highlights wrong beliefs and inappropriate emotional feelings and helps us to make adjustments as and when necessary.

Also, self-awareness rekindles the reasons for past failures and the challenges ahead. So. When everything doesn’t happen according to our expectation we say it bad luck; Sometimes we may argue with ourselves and say perhaps the timing was not good. In fact we didn’t think about the situation before we took the all-important step. It is much easier to see the reason behind the relationship, work and other dilemmas when you can look at yourself clearly.

Do you always struggle at work or in relationships with people around you? It stands to reason that you are doing something ineffective. If you want different results, you will have to do things differently and make the right adjustments.

2. If you are going to be a leader, you should have this quality

Self-awareness is a major requirement for leaders. If self-awareness is lacking, it puts a limit on your leadership skills, and executives who have the quality to understand their own weaknesses can overcome by forming a  team to fill the gap.

3. It serves as the basis for personal progress 

If you have to progress you should be aware of self-awareness. It is the basis for individual achievement. Without it, any personal development effort will be severely hampered. But it can indeed be developed although it will not happen so quickly. You certainly have to strive for it with constant practice.

4. It encourages productivity

Individuals with self-awareness tend to think faster. They have a better personal understanding and can tackle daily challenges easily. If you are not able to understand yourself, you are more likely to delay your decisions because you will have uncertainty. This will be reflected in the loss of time caused due to having to reflect on many alternatives when a swift point of action is required.

5. It helps you to understand your own emotions 

With self-awareness, you tend to understand your own emotions and their impact on your performance. You are the one who knows what you are feeling and why - and how it helps or harms what you are trying to do. You feel how others see you, and this self-image reflects that wider reality. It is the precise sense of your strengths and limitations, which guarantees a realistic self-confidence. It also provides clarity about your values and a sense of purpose, so you can be more decisive when you establish a plan of action.

6. It helps us in all areas of life

A high degree of self-awareness can help us in all areas of life, and especially in teaching, studying and learning.  Along with feelings or emotions appear physical manifestations such as perspiring, breathing with difficulty, tension or fatigue. And there are also cognitive manifestations (e.g., of distressing emotions), such as a lack of concentration, slowed motor or physical behaviour, freezing or overcrowding and blockage of thought processes, such as forgetfulness or confusion.

7. It enables us to control our irritability

In order to control our irritability, we must be aware of each trigger of our emotions, and also the processes by which such powerful feelings arise; only then can we learn to appease them and use them appropriately. To avoid discouragement and to motivate us, we must be aware of the reason why we allow specific facts or negative affirmations about us to affect our spirits.

How to develop this quality   

Self-awareness is not something that is achieved once. Each moment is an opportunity to be self-aware or not. It is a continuous enterprise, a conscious choice. A cheering fact is that the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

There are many ways to develop self-awareness. One of these ways includes seeking for the positive attributes you have and value this part of you. Another way to become better people is by recognizing weaknesses and actively working on their improvement. These two methods of self-improvement define what it means to be self-aware. Besides, you can enhance your self-awareness step by step through the following ways:

Explain the Meaning of Self Awareness

Write your manifesto

To begin with, you have to be more aware of yourself. Think and document your opinions about the various aspect of your life and what you intend to do. When you focus on something it should be black and white.  

Write out your strong and weak points

 How do you know that you're right? Just don’t try to climb the tree in one jump. You might be a hard worker but are you so? The point is when you are comparing yourself with others, provide evidence before making any decision.

Consider how others would you describe you

Put into consideration how people close to you think about you. Are they suggesting for your improvement? Do go further and try to judge the accuracy of their statements. You have to dwell deep into the matter to know the truth about it.


 To have a better understanding of awareness meditation help to develop your senses and you get to know yourself better. To increase self-awareness meditation is a must. Meditate once a day, then go about your daily activities, get to know people around you and your  surroundings.


the key to self-awareness is to be in tune with abundant information about our sensations, feelings, values, intentions, and actions. This would aid us in understanding how we respond, behave, communicate and function in different situations. The processing of all this information is what we call self-consciousness.

Furthermore, It is the cornerstone on which you can build the castle of your of success and achievements. Your beliefs, habits, strengths, and weaknesses help you to make effective and lasting changes in your life.  You should not assume that you are always in a self-conscious state. Give yourself some time for thought and reflection. Life is also a lot easier when you are aware of yourself. Certainly, you can reap a good harvest in life if you start building your self-awareness in ways discussed above. So make haste, the sooner, the better.

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